Clear perception is the doorway to peace and wholeness.


Consider the possibility that the “Second Coming” is our becoming aware of reality, not the return of it.

The most common miracle Jesus performed was the restoration of sight. Jesus once said, “If the eyes are good, the whole body is good.” In other words, clear perception is the doorway to peace and wholeness.

Jesus declared that the kingdom of God had come. Some people could not accept this teaching because they assumed that the coming of God’s kingdom would mean an instantaneous change in people’s circumstances. Jesus instructed them instead to look inside themselves to find God’s kingdom. Why? Because it was not necessary for them to look any further than the underlying, unchanging, fundamental essence or nature of their own true Self.

We have bought into the notion that things are not as they should be, and we are awaiting for an epic change. This is supposedly the big thing that God is supposed to do for us someday. But what is God to do exactly? The reality is that the underlying, unchanging and fundamental essence and nature of all things (including you) is complete unto itself, undisturbed, never threatened, and cannot be made better or diminished.

Our only problem is that we don’t know or believe this. We take things at face value or how they appear on the surface, and look no further or deeper than this. We are just like those in Jesus’ day – waiting for the big ending and missing the truth of the way things really are in this present moment.

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