A few excerpts from Jim’s new book



“You’ve been duped into believing that what matters is having correct beliefs, and that has sent you down a road where you have become lost and can never know what is real. You have expended so much energy cobbling together a set of correct beliefs that you have worn out your believing-muscles and they’ve become too weak to believe the simplest true things. Forget the heady and ego-gratifying search to “know Truth.” Divest your energy from the drama of being right.”


“Your habitual way of seeking and knowing Truth, seeing the world, and trying to be happy and free isn’t working and it never will. Trying harder is not going to produce a different result.

There are all kinds of self-sabotaging programs that automatically run at the startup of your life each morning, and are running in the background of your life all day. There are unknown, unnecessary, and damaging files that are slowing you down on the path of freedom.

There’s quite a bit of junk that needs to go into your Recycle Bin. And yes, you are sure you want to permanently delete these files!”


“Religion confidently proclaims answers about the afterlife but has failed to sufficiently answer the question of the herelife. We don’t need help dying. The problem is we know not how to live.

Religion has told us all how it’s all going to end.

Jesus told people how it’s going to begin.

You were led to this book for that reason. It’s premature for the world to concern itself with the ending when most people have never made it to the beginning.

That beginning starts now.”


– Jim Palmer, Notes from (Over) the Edge

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  1. Lyle Taffs says:

    It has been a long wait. Where can I preorder some copies?

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