A daily practice worth considering


“Until we go down to the very roots of our being we will never find peace and wholeness, and we will keep trying to manufacture lasting happiness in the circumstances of life, which is not possible because all of life is characterized by impermanence. At the root of our being is unchanging peace and wholeness, which we can bring into any circumstance. But instead we suppose it is necessary for some set of conditions to be present to know peace, well-being and contentment. It is our ignorance of ourselves that covers up our peace and wholeness, and makes us seek for what we already have and never lost. Shift the notion of needing to “find” or “create” a life of well-being, to the idea that well-being is who and what you are at the root of your being, and you are free to be this, whatever your circumstances and conditions. Taking this to heart, and being present in each moment of your life by simply responding to situations as they require, is a daily practice worth considering.”

– Jim Palmer, Notes from (Over) the Edge

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