Dear Jim


Dear Jim,
It’s going to be okay. Don’t stress. Do the next thing… one thing at a time. Do the best you can. Be open to the possibility of things going better than what your stress is leading you to believe. It’s within your choice to move through this day with grace and ease. Try and see everything and everyone that comes your way as an opportunity to deepen, expand, inspire, and empower you. You can’t save the world, Jim. You can’t even really “make” people be happy, and you certainly can’t live up to all the expectations the world has for you. Be centered within yourself. Keep on track with your personal work. Decide right now that this will be a day filled with goodness, beauty, love and growth. Decide that no person or circumstance can prevent this for you. Be compassionate, patient, and kind with yourself, Jim. Be aware that you are loved, and rest in that love today. Don’t resist it, fear losing it, strive for it, stress over it… just receive it, rest in it, enjoy it. It’s going to be okay, Jim. The truth is that right below all those fears and stressers… is the truth.
Love, Jim

Latest Comments

  1. Mar says:

    You have no idea, Jim — or maybe you do ….

  2. Rachael says:

    This is so perfect. But so very hard to follow when things are not going right. Well done for remembering this, you are amazing!

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