Love stories are always the best ones


Love stories are always the best ones. What if all our stories are love stories – giving love, receiving love, being love? Sometimes the story is painful; we lose love; fear love; doubt love; sometimes our love is not received and even rejected by others.

I think of Jesus’ life as a love story. It involved all of the above and more. What if today is another page in the love story of your life? Be mindful of this. Be open to love today. When the opportunity comes, give love. When love presents itself to you, receive it. Be love today. Think of love as the very core of who you are.

If the story today involves hurt, feel it and embrace it and let it go. Love will appear again. People want and need love. Offer it freely and without condition. Let love be your religion today. If “God is love,” then love is divine, coming or going. Keep your eyes wide open; love shows up in many different forms. You may hear it in a song, feel it in a breeze, see it in a picture, be moved by it through a small kindness, touched by it in a simple encounter or interaction with another person. Maybe your life is a love story and this is what it has always been about – awakening a little more each day to love.

Maybe that’s what Jesus was doing, waking us up to this story… our story… the love story of our lives.

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