21 Things I Did, Exploring Spirituality Beyond Institutional Religion


21 Things I Did, Exploring Spirituality Beyond Institutional Religion:

1. I made peace with my religious past.
2. I took responsibility for my spiritual journey.
3. I stopped dividing up the world into “sacred” and “secular”.
4. I began listening to and trusting my inner voice.

5. I started looking past the externals, and relating to the deepest reality I knew was present in every human being.
6. I quit making my humanity the enemy.
7. I resisted the need to build a persona around being an enlightened person.
8. I opened myself to the rhythm and flow of life in nature.
9. I explored what it meant to truly be “present” in life and became a student of my spiritual aura and energy.
10. I focused on addressing the root of my suffering.
11. I paid attention to my deepest desires and passions.
12. I sought to cast off my fictitious self, and be an authentic and fully-expressed me.
13. I explored the connection between spirituality and sexuality.
14. I expanded my relational world beyond religious sub-culture.
15. I resisted creating a new religion out of my latest discovery.
16. I operated with the assumption that every human being knew something I needed to know.
17. I resisted latching onto the latest guru, and began seeing all people as my teachers.
18. I explored new fields and areas of interest that were largely unknown to me.
19. I gave up the idea of needing to accomplish some epic thing for God.
20. I approached my life as a reality I was free to create.
21. I became interested and involved in the lives of people I encountered naturally along the everyday paths of my life.

Latest Comments

  1. Alice says:

    I can relate to numbers 6 and 15 especially.

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