If I were Superman


Feeling compassion right now for those who just want to be loved for who they are, but are starting to wonder if this will ever happen. It pains me to think of the person out there who is asking “What is wrong with me?” because they rarely feel like it’s okay and safe to think their thoughts, feel their feelings, and just be their authentic and unedited selves. I feel a great sadness for the hiders, pretenders, and fakers who are exhausted trying to measure up to the expectations of others. I feel compassion for each person who feels trapped inside feelings of loneliness and not belonging.

If I were Superman, I’d flash my cape across your eyes and you’d suddenly see the marvel and magic of who you are. All those feelings of self-doubt and unworthiness would disintegrate, and you’d stand confidently in the magnificence of who you are. You would occupy and inhabit yourself fully and unapologetically.

That’s what this world needs…you being you… all of you… just you… and only you.

Hey. There’s nothing wrong with you! You’re not the only one that feels this stuff. Everyone is scared shitless of being themselves because they are afraid it won’t be enough or they might find find they are defective or inadequate. You’d be surprised to know just how many hiders, pretenders and fakers you came across today.

I’ve got a proposition for you. If you’ll be you, I’ll be me, and we’ll just let the chips fall where they may. We all need you to be you, because we need to be us… too.

There’s always gonna be the haters, judgers, criticizers and condemners. That’s when you drive your car in the I-don’t-give-a-damn gear! Tell ’em Superman’s got your back. 🙂

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