It’s a story you carry about yourself


“The truth is that you are perfect and complete as you are. You were created this way – it’s who you’ve always been and always will be. In every moment you meet every condition for being worthy of love and acceptance by simply being you. I know it’s difficult to get this in a world that is continually sending you the message there is something wrong, deflective, flawed or inadequate about who you are. It’s a story you carry about yourself that you think is real and so you play the part every day. We will never shed these stories that separate us from ourselves until we start relating to each other in the reality of who we really are. Start with yourself! The great opportunity of your life is to grow up and become who you really are in this world. There’s nothing preventing that but you.”

– Titus 2:11-12 RFB

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  1. Mar says:

    Nothing and no one gave me a more “defective” message about myself than the church and “Christianity.” I swallowed it because it was already my native tongue. To get free of it is a constant wrestling and struggle at this point for me..l

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