5 ways to free yourself today


5 ways today to be a friend to that part of you that desires freedom, peace, healing, wholeness, and full self-expression:

1. Choose pleasure.
Part of the problem is that we deny ourselves on the level of pleasure. You’d be surprised to find what opens up for you from an indulgence with pleasure. What would bring you delight today?

2. Give pleasure.
The next best thing to feeling pleasure is stimulating it in others. It satisfies something important in us to be the source of delight and pleasure for others. How could you bring pleasure to someone else today?

3. Express yourself creatively.
We may not all be artistic, but we are all creative. We all have a right brain. Creative self-expression nurtures a part of who we are like nothing else can. What would it mean for you to express yourself creatively today?

4. Explore.
We operate too much in all the stuff we already know. What about the stuff we don’t? Is there a trail you have never hiked? A film you have never seen? A style of music you’re unfamiliar with? A subject you’d be interested in knowing more about? A place in your community or city you have never been?

5. Just be.
We are not human doings, we are human BEINGS. What about doing a little more being today? What about going back to bed with your partner and just laying in each others arms and enjoying physical touch together? Get down on the floor with your dog or cat and enjoy the warmth of the sunshine through the window with them. Connect with your furry significant other.

What kinds of things work for you when it comes to feeding and friending the deeper parts of you?

Latest Comments

  1. thoughtsalone says:

    “We are not human doings, we are human BEINGS.” Brilliant! 🙂

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