6 Lies and 6 Truths About “Sin”


6 Lies and 6 Truths About “Sin” That I have Been Pondering:

Lie 1: Sin makes me disgusting and revolting in God’s eyes.
Lie 2: Sin is immoral or disobedient behavior.
Lie 3: God will not bless me and will punish me because there is sin in life.
Lie 4: At the core I am a sinner.
Lie 5: Left to myself I will indulge sinful desires.
Lie 6: Satan makes me sin.


Truth 1: Sin is falling short of experiencing the love, peace, freedom, wholeness, and well-being that God desires for every person.
Truth 2: Sin is an orientation toward illusion and falsity – it’s a diminishment of our true identity as good and beautiful children of God.
Truth 3: Each person is shadowed to some degree by a false self, and when we give expression to that false self we sow seeds of disharmony in our world.
Truth 4: God’s love and acceptance of each of us does not fluctuate based on where we are on the journey or in the process of becoming who we really are.
Truth 5: Transformation is not behavior modification but a fundamental and profound shift in knowing who we are.
Truth 6: Spiritual battle is the conflict between the false and true self.

Latest Comments

  1. Joseph Myers says:

    I’ve come to the conclusion that narcissism is sin and sin is narcissism. Nothing more. Nothing less. Evil is a malignant narcissism. Jesus has one primary theme when discussing sin…”That’s not sin!”

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