Christianity and magical thinking


“The idea of conversion transformation is sometimes yet another example of magical thinking that is pinned on Jesus. The idea is that if you “accept Jesus as your savior,” “get saved,” or become “born again,” than everything will instantly be fixed in your life. Jesus never said this. You couldn’t get any closer to Jesus than his first disciples and they were clueless half the time. Why? Because they would not accept, embrace, or walk in the reality of the truth Jesus taught and demonstrated. It’s the same then as it is now – you must embrace the truth in order to be free. There is no substitute for that – not even the nice-sounding Christian ones.”

– Jim Palmer, Notes from (Over) the Edge

Latest Comments

  1. leah77 says:

    Jim, you really have my attention. Keep talking.

  2. Albert Listy says:

    The definition of embrace(as you used it above) in the Christian dictionary should be “renewing of your mind”. This is not a one time thing, as in the moment you accept Christ, but rather a daily effort to progress and improve over time.

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