The myth of God’s blessing and curse


“The reason why people are so caught up with seeking favor from God is that they wrongly assume that peace and happiness has something to do with better life circumstances, and that God is looking down at the world and pulling the strings to bless or curse us. This is the false thinking that too often drives our lives and relationship to God. It is symptomatic of the ignorance at the root of our suffering.”

– Jim Palmer, Notes from (Over) the Edge

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  1. Albert Listy says:

    Very well stated. I’m always amazed at how people will take scripture out of context so they can claim it as a promise that God has given to them specifically. Jeremiah 29:11-13 comes to mind as probably the most hijacked promise of them all. What’s funny is when I asked them why they don’t also claim the promise in verse 17 about famine and pestilence. I get the funniest looks.

    The apostle Paul spoke of being content in every situation. And if you read about his life, there was a lot of different situations there to not be content. And yet he was. When we ask why is that, we come to the conclusion that his view was not of this fleeting moral life but of the life beyond that.
    I know many people will say that Christians are to heavenly focused to be of any worldly good, but those that say that are not seeing the big picture. Do we focus on the small things in every other situation in our lives?
    This doesn’t mean we don’t do all we can to make this life as good as we can. but non of this matters if we don’t have a handle on where we will be going.

    And you are correct in your last statement. Our suffering is mostly self-inflicted because of our ignorance.

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