WARNING! Rejected by Major Christian Publisher


“PROVOKETIVE MAGAZINE: What happened with Zondervan Publishing? They decided to cancel your 2-book contract, why?

JIM PALMER: Being Jesus in Nashville was intended to be a social experiment where I tested the idea that authentic Christianity is not Jesus AND Jim but Jesus AS Jim, believing that there was nothing separating me and Jesus, and that I was free to live as he did in every way. When I signed that 2-book deal with Zondervan Publishers I had no idea that the journey ahead would include the deaths of my mother and father, my own two near-death experiences, and a deep deconstruction of my faith and my entire identity as Jim Palmer. Nor did I expect I would become the center of a firestorm of controversy when I submitted my manuscript to Zondervan. My manuscript was rejected on the grounds that it did not “lie within the bounds of biblical, orthodox Christianity.” My 2-book contract was promptly canceled.”

Being Jesus in Nashville – Hardcover

Being Jesus In Nashville – Paperback

Being Jesus in Nashville – Kindle

Latest Comments

  1. Susan P says:

    “We like you as long as you are acceptable to us.” When did matters of faith become something to measure and quantify? Why are They watching us to find fault in us? Who among us at all knows exactly what our lives should look like and why do they seem to think that there is a place along the journey where we can set up shop because we have learned all there is to learn?

  2. Mia says:

    Dear Jim
    Why doesn’t this surprise me. Reminds me of another Man 2000 year ago! Just keep on following our Lord.
    Blessings XX

  3. Mar says:

    I already own it and am reading your books in sequence, so fascinated by your journey. Is makes me want to get to it sooner rather than later …

  4. markrandallpixley says:

    Zondervans empire needs a better moat around the castle…you almost made it in…God knows what kind of damage you could have done to the narrative…maybe you should shimy up the ladder to the mothership of HarperCollins since they publish “other” narratives…heck Anton Levy made it in there…surely a heretic as yourself won’t be rejected…frankly this DIY christianity is for people who are comfortable living in the top 3% of world income with no reflective images around them…don’t set up a mirror of me that shows the image of Jesus it might bring joy and action which would upset my comfort zone…

  5. Marty Carney says:

    Well, I suppose, in a way, you could consider it to be something of a complement, a complicated one, to be sure, but perhaps so…

  6. Jonathan Rice says:

    Just started reading the Kindle edition! Pure heart, man!

    For the record, I had no idea you were an author. I thought you were simply a blogger that my friend, Cyndi McCoy, had pointed out to me! Regardless, great stuff!

    Jon Rice,

    Bath, Maine

    Sent from my iPhone


  7. Susan Frederick says:

    So proud of you and glad you did this. My journey sounds much the same. It’s awesome, isn’t it… Hope LOTS of people read this book. Prayers and blessings, Jim. sf

  8. Karen Henry says:

    Jim….. I’m SO excited to read this book & have found a true & pure heart in you. You’re a treasure….exactly what the doctor ordered! The moment you were rejected by one…a thousand points of light flickered on. I’m happy to promote you on social media. 🙂 Thank you for writing.

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