Update on Jim Palmer’s Notes from (Over) the Edge


If you didn’t hear the news a big push is underway to make Notes from (Over) the Edge available before Christmas in softcover and digital editions. There are a team of folks working furiously behind the scenes to make this happen. This is an independent publishing project with means we don’t have the funds of a major publisher to cover the cost for publishing and distributing the book.

On Friday we launched The Notes Campaign, inviting people to join the team to help release the book. Please visit the home page and read more about it. 

In just the second day of the campaign we pushed past the $500 mark. Thank you to each person who has made a contribution, left a comment, and shared the campaign with others.

You might be wondering: What are the costs that can be involved in independently publishing a book? Here’s an article that identifies many of these costs.

The Notes Campaign runs for 30 days. The cost of self-publishing Notes from (Over) the Edge will be close to $5,000 dollars.
The full title of the book was determined this morning – Notes from (Over) the Edge: Unmasking the Truth to End Your Suffering.

Notes from (Over) the Edge was originally slated to be a 60,000-word book. Well, I guess I didn’t get (ignored) the memo. I just kept writing and I stopped at 80,000. In addition to the Preface and Postscript, the book is broken down into five parts or sections. Right now those five parts are titled as follows:

Part One: What is required to know the Truth
Part Two: Bringing an end to your suffering
Part Three: Christianity’s distortion of the person, message, and truth of Jesus
Part Four: Breaking free of religious pathology
Part Five: Special Cases

The names of these sections may go through one more revision, but you get the idea.

Whether it’s a 5, 15 or 50 dollar contribution IT DOES NOT MATTER! It’s not about the size of the contribution but the number of contributors. The Notes Campaign hopes to inspire a groundswell of interest related to the message of this book. There are “perks” at every giving level. Please consider making a small contribution and leaving an encouraging comment in the comments section on the campaign site. There are “perks” for every giving level. Consider sharing the campaign with your network of friends. Do not think a 5-dollar contribution wouldn’t matter. It does! Every contributor matters!Every dollar matters! Every encouraging comment matters!

Thanks 🙂


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