Addressing the misrepresentation of Jesus


Jesus was not a Christian. He is not the founder of Christianity. Jesus never encouraged people to worship him. Christianity is a religion created in the name of Jesus, and is much different from the actual Truth that Jesus taught. Were Jesus alive today, I don’t think Jesus would be a Christian. Jesus is still one of best-kept secrets because his Truth has been grossly distorted by those who claim to speak for him. There is a religion-free Jesus who belongs to all of humankind. Christianity does not own or have first rights to Jesus. His truth has universal significance. It’s often the case that you have to disentangle Jesus from institutional Christianity in order to uncover his Truth.

Contrary to popular belief Jesus did NOT:

  • Start the Christian religion
  • See human beings as “sinners”
  • Die in order to rescue people from God
  • Establish a spiritual hierarchy of “clergy” and “laity”
  • Create a theological orthodoxy about God
  • Write or read the New Testament
  • Advocate the hatred, diminshment or maltreatment of another human being for any reason
  • Teach that women were subservient to men
  • Deny the image of God in any human being
  • Believe that humankind was separated from God

I wrote two posts to clarify the ways Jesus is often misrepresented by the religion that bears his name:

15 Things Jesus Didn’t Say

15 Things Jesus Did Say

Latest Comments

  1. John says:

    I’ve been a Christian for 34 years. I sat in church listening to countless sermons and listening to TV and radio ministers, but I began to realize that what these men were teaching had nothing to do with my Lord and Savior. I walked away from the organized Christian church about 15 years ago because I began to realize that I didn’t have much of a relationship with my Father God or Jesus Christ because of the garbage rammed into my ears and heart from these men. I also realized that I was being outright lied too and manipulated by my own Church and the TV ministries to keep me in slavery and bondage as a customer to buy their resources. Since I received Salvation, on day one, I have stuck to the word of God, and I firmly believe it is the only anchor that has kept me in the faith.

    I’ve spent the last 17 years as a Christian, through the word of God and prayer, winnowing out the spiritual, psychological and emotional lies and manipulation out of my mind and my heart spoken to me by all of these so-called Christian ministers. I’m being healed, renewed, set free and transformed into the image of Jesus Christ. I guess that is why all of my former Christian family members hate me so much.

    I am still “drawing near to God” every day. The relationship is building. I want a relationship with my God and Savior with no pretense. I am not perusing God with the hopes that He will bless me with riches or material wealth. He is my blessing, He is my wealth…..I’m still in the daily process of giving God my heart so He can give me His.

  2. ericsquires says:

    I don’t think Jesus was religion free. If anything he came to restore people to true religion. One of the first stories of Jesus tells how he spent his time studying religion with the leaders at the temple. He often observed religious practices, but at the same time he was showing people that their religion had become empty and hollow.

    He didn’t seek to establish Christianity, especially in it’s institutionalized form, he sought to restore people to God.

  3. Michael James Hastings says:

    Jim, I love a lot of your writings, however in the book of John, Jesus told the Pharisees that their father was the devil and that they followed their lusts. This may not deny that they had God’s image, however, it is clear that something was seriously wrong. They thought they were connected to God, but in reality, they were not. Jesus was basically telling them to switch fathers. We have the choice today on who will be our father.

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