Waiting on the world to change


Religion imagines a better reality to come later – after death or some sort of apocalyptic end to our current world. Many people are anxiously awaiting the passing of this world in order to get to Heaven, the perfect place and paradise.

However, our world first appeared as a paradise in the Book of Genesis.

Why do we not see that the state of our world currently has been created and conditioned by our way of understanding, acting and being? It’s convenient to expect God to swoop in and clean up or set ablaze the mess that we made. That’s not going to happen. God has done everything God is going to do, which includes you being a bona fide human manifestation of God’s essence and nature.

Think of the impact Jesus had as one person and a 30-year life on earth. And yet Jesus said we would do greater things than he did.

The big miracle is not escaping this earth; it’s transforming it.

(Photo by Darla Winn)

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  1. Wendy says:

    While I believe divine intervention does happen I this world for the most part I agree with you.
    1. Where did we get the idea God causes natural disasters as punishment? In Luke 16 a group of men come up to Jesus no doubt feeling self righteous asking him if they were better than people in other towns because disaster and tragedy had not happened to them. Jesus pretty much tells them bad things happen everywhere God does not cause it if God caused tragedy because of sin there would not be a world left. That they should be ready cause eventually bad things happen to everyone.
    2. That after we have trashed the world and messed up the entire ecosystem he should as u say come in and fix it. Because God allows us to lay on the bed we made does not make him bad, but it only further shows He is just. Just like the law of gravity is in effect in the physical world the law of reaping what we sow is in effect I. The spiritual world.
    3. And on the subject of God swooping in He has never had a extensive history doing that. Why do Christians think they have no responsibility to help and atheist use the idea of what seems like An indifferent God to disprove Him? Miracles rarely if ever happen until one person steps up and out in faith and love to do the right thing. We have always been the vessels through which God performed miracles. Why should we expect Him to move if we won’t. God has always allowed us to choose the state of the world we exist in I am not sure why this simple truth eludes people.

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