We laugh, we cry, we hurt – this is being Jesus


“It is okay to feel what human beings feel and we are not supposed to turn into rocks or trees once we are enlightened, awakened, or transformed. We laugh, cry, dance, feel ecstasy, even feel despair. It is how we know the world. It is how we live inside of our hearts and not dissociated from them.

Jesus didn’t psychologize or spiritualize people’s suffering. He didn’t even seem to try to explain it in light of God. Jesus faced suffering and tasted the depths of it. He leaned into it, endured it, and fully met others in their suffering. Jesus did not live a detached life, as I had understood it. Jesus cared. Jesus wept. Jesus felt it all deeply. There is some way, perhaps a middle way, between living in denial and being swallowed whole by the pain and suffering of human existence, and this is how Jesus lived.

Being Jesus means that we go through life embracing it all fully and feeling it all deeply. That we don’t hide and try to protect ourselves. That we live. That we show up. That we laugh. That we cry. That we hurt. That we heal. That we care. That we love. And then, that we wake up the next morning and sign up for it all over again.”

– Jim Palmer, Being Jesus in Nashville: Finding the Courage to Live Your Life (Whoever and Wherever You Are)

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  1. Lee Petersen says:

    Absolutely , Thanks Jim

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