I am an explorer.


I see value in every person’s story and journey. I am convinced that every human being past and present knows something profound that I must learn. Some days John Muir is my teacher, other days it’s Marilyn Manson. Whether it’s Sylvia Plath, James Baldwin, Stephanie Myer, or Stephen King, I am drawn to words that don’t hold back or try to protect me from what’s real – words courageous enough to speak to the most terrifying and darkest moments and experiences of life, or the most rapturous and beautiful ones.

Sometimes I get stuck on the inside and the quotes I post are my way of expressing something that I don’t have words for myself. There are times when people like Thomas Merton, Audre Lorde, and Jim Morrison spoke for me.

I am an explorer. I have never met a subject, topic, area or facet of life that I wasn’t interested in, which accounts for the fact that I post quotes about nearly everything under the sun. For me, it all holds significance, it all matters. Life is my religion.

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