Making peace with your religious past


Some Things I Did, Exploring Spirituality Beyond Institutional Religion:

I made peace with my religious past.
I took responsibility for my spiritual journey.
I stopped dividing up the world into “sacred” and “secular”.
I began listening to and trusting my inner voice.
I started looking past the externals, and relating to the deepest reality I knew was present in every human being.
I quit making my humanity the enemy.
I resisted the need to build a persona around being an enlightened person.
I opened myself to the rhythm and flow of life in nature.
I explored what it meant to truly be “present” in life and became a student of my spiritual aura and energy.
I focused on addressing the root of my suffering.
I paid attention to my deepest desires and passions.
I sought to cast off my fictitious self, and be an authentic and fully-expressed me.
I explored the connection between spirituality and sexuality.
I expanded my relational world beyond religious sub-culture.
I resisted creating a new religion out of my latest discovery.
I operated with the assumption that every human being knew something I needed to know.
I resisted latching onto the latest guru, and began seeing all people as my teachers.
I explored new fields and areas of interest that were largely unknown to me.
I gave up the idea of needing to accomplish some epic thing for God.
I approached my life as a reality I was free to create.
I became interested and involved in the lives of people I encountered naturally along the everyday paths of my life.

Latest Comments

  1. gailnhb says:

    Thank you again for your powerful and beautiful writing. I appreciate the revelations and realizations you post. I can relate to so many of them. Peace is a wonderful thing.

  2. lisa volatile says:

    What a great read. I can relate very much with your thoughts. Thank you!!! It may be cliche’ but I always say……. I strive for that Peaceful easy feeling daily

  3. Tasiyagnunpa Livermont says:

    Awesome. But why is this all so damn hard.

    And I’m down with giving up thinking I have to do something epic for God. Then there’s the other side saying we shouldn’t try to do anything epic.

    What if we just freaking WANT to?

  4. Allison schwartz says:

    I am finding this site so refreshing… and everything listed above are all things I am finding to be true for myself more and more. It’s a relief to know I’m not the only one who is being enlightened to these things, makes me feel a little less crazy! Thank you.

    And… I stopped dividing up the world into “sacred” and “secular”. Yes! Yes! Yes!

  5. Charlotte says:

    So refreshing and insightful… Thanks for sharing your heart and journey. Brings peace and validation we aren’t alone in our search for truth.

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