Myths of Pop-Christianity



“10 Myths of Pop Christianity:

1. Church is a place, a location, a building.
2. Christianity happens in services, classes, meetings, events, and programs.
3. What people need most is good information about God.
4. “God’s work” needs organizational or corporate infrastructure.
5. The more control the better; no telling what people will do if left to themselves.
6. It’s best you let us decide how to use and distribute your money.
7. Depend on us for the spiritual formation of your children; we are trained.
8. The bigger the church, the better.
9. People are more valuable and spiritual based on their involvement and giving level.
10. Relationships happen in group meetings.”

– Jim Palmer

Latest Comments

  1. Bob Harvey says:

    1. A Church is: people uniting in common humanity to follow Christ’s teaching
    2. Christianity is a way of life.
    3. God is the Almighty and that may mean different things to different people
    4. When we live our life in connection with the Almighty, we are doing “God’s Work”
    5. The more we share and understand our differences, the more we are united in our Faith
    6. We can choose how to disperse our human, professional and financial talents
    7. Children need love more than doctrine
    8. “Where two or three are gathered together in my name……”
    9. Attitude and integrity are more important than our actual contribution
    10. Religion is a personal relationship that can develop anywhere, whether in solitude or in community

  2. Jon says:

    3. So we forsake theology? How can people love a god whom they do not know

  3. PJ says:

    I think you would have to define “Pop-Christianity” because your list reads more like “Classical Christianity” to me. To me, Pop-Christianity would follow more of the popular trends in Christianity which might look more like:

    1. Listening to a worship band is the most effective form of worship
    2. “Relevance” is one of the most important endeavors the church can focus on
    3. Lighting, video and other forms of media are the most important tools to communicate the gospel
    4. Press releases and media interviews are an important way to spread awareness of your good works in the community
    5. Impactful teaching must be confined to 30 minutes or less
    6. Coffee is an important part of spiritual receptiveness
    7. Multi-site churches with video feeds are more effective than multiple churches with different pastors
    8. It is important for pastors to have book deals
    9. It is important to manage on your church’s brand
    10. It is important to hire a creative team to focus on church format (see 1,3,7,8 & 9)

    • Ed Darrell says:

      #6 comes right out of Jesus’s teachings, doesn’t it?

      In my experience, some of the best of Christianity happens over a couple of cups of coffee.

      (But, yeah, I get the point.)

  4. J Timothy Dotson says:

    Psychology and Theology mean study of “spirit” and “God”. Just where do you go to actually and literally study these things?

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