15 Things Jesus DID Say


15 Things Jesus DID Say:

“There’s only one litmus test to authenticate if someone gets what I’m about – love.”

“The kingdom of God is here and now, which means it’s not somewhere else and later.”

“If you’ve reached perfection on your journey, feel free to judge others. Otherwise, be quiet.”

“My peace is not as this world gives. Your strategy to control circumstances in order to be happy won’t work… ever.”

“You religious people have your nose buried in the Bible, feeling all smug about your spiritual maturity. But you wouldn’t know my truth if it knocked you in the head.”

“There is no mountain, sacred place or church building where God expects to be worshiped. True worship is a way of seeing – it’s spotting and honoring the divine in all things.”

“You think you are doing well because you have not been hauled off to prison for murder, but your harsh and critical spirit is no different.”

“Embracing my truth will make you a heretic in most people’s minds and you will be persecuted. No worries; you’re on the right track in my kingdom.”

“God and I are one, you are included.”

“I have to die. Otherwise, you’re going to create a religion around my human personhood and personality, rather than embrace and give expression to my spirit and truth.”

“Don’t say you love God and then hate people. Those two things can’t be true at the same time.”

“You and God are not separated and never have been. You are connected to God like a branch to a vine – the essence and nature of God is the sap running through your veins.”

“You can’t reduce my way to a book. The same spirit that filled and led me fills and leads you. Follow that spirit.”

“You think your humanity is an affront to God. If this were true how could I be one with God?”

“You look into the sky to find some God that sits on a throne. You want to see God? You’re looking at him. Now, see that same God as yourself.”

– Jim Palmer

Latest Comments

  1. pilgrimsplateau says:

    Hey Jim,

    Just wondering what your thoughts are on the Acts Chapter 2 story?

  2. Chris Brett says:

    “You look into the sky to find some God that sits on a throne. You want to see God? You’re looking at him. Now, see that same God as yourself.” – I didn’t quite understand this one..

    • Ashley says:

      You have to remember who was speaking these things. Said from the POV of Christ, he is saying you want to see God? You are looking at him (Jesus is right in front of you). Now go and be like God, do as Christ did.

    • Ray Berthiaume says:

      Every thing incarnates G-d.

  3. Diane Eastman says:

    I am not separated from God now but I was before I accepted Jesus as my Savior. The Bible says that was I at enmity with God.

  4. janetmermaid says:

    These are clearly phrased into modern English. I’d like to know what verses these come from so I can show them to my more “confused” believer friends. But without a reference they won’t believe them, especially not when worded into modern English.

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