11 Religious Beliefs to Question


11 things we are often told that we don’t question, but we should:

1. You are separated from God
2. You were born bad
3. You need to be saved from yourself
4. Knowing God is about having correct theology
5. You can’t trust yourself
6. Only a few special and enlightened people find peace and harmony
7. Something is wrong with you
8. You’re not trying hard enough
9. Heaven is the big payoff
10. The world is without hope
11. Even grace has a few conditions

Latest Comments

  1. nousapeironlogos says:

    I’ve questioned all of them. Nonetheless, number 5 is one I’ve found to be very true. We humans make far too many cognitive errors and have too many perceptual limitations for me to believe otherwise.

    Fortunately, we can with a great deal of effort at least significantly reduce our own unreliability over time.

  2. amy king says:

    I have not questioned all of these but due to recent life events, I’ve taken a sledge hammer along with a chisel to the rigid walls of religion I grew up with. Thank you so much for this blog. I ordered your first book and look forward to reading your book along with future blog posts

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