Trekkies unite for The Notes Campaign!


The post 15 Things Jesus Didn’t Say is a quote from my upcoming book, Notes from (Over) the Edge. The post went viral with close to 600,000 views because I think people are interested in exploring the spiritual significance of Jesus on different terms from what they’ve been told about Jesus through religion.

We are independently publishing Notes from (Over) the Edge, and it has been a community effort from the start. A team of several folks have carried out all the roles and functions that a publishing house would – editing, copyediting, proofing, cover design, formatting, etc… Many of my Facebook friends supplied endorsements that will appear on the cover and inside the book.

The Notes Campaign was created to generate the funds to publish the book, and spread the word about it. Indiegogo selected The Notes Campaign to feature today on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

The William Shatner Wrist Watch Indiegogo Campaign has raised $178,478 dollars, and has 507 contributors. Look, I like Star Trek as much as the next guy, but $178,478 for a wrist watch??? Our goal for The Notes Campaign is to have a minimum of 100 contributors. We need 16 more to reach that goal, and I was hoping to get that today. The cost of fully funding the effort to independently publish Notes from (Over) the Edge is $5,000 and we are getting close to that too. The Shatner campaign has 35 days left. Ours has 16 days because we wanted to run a short campaign. If it helps, I can print off pictures of William Shatner and mail them to anyone who contributes to the campaign today Seriously, we are just encouraging people to make a $5 contribution to the effort. That’s all 5 bucks. Consider sharing the link with your friends. 

Here are three things you can do right now that will take less than 5 minutes but will make a big difference with the effort to independently publish Notes from (Over) the Edge:

1. Make a $5 contribution to the campaign. Here’s a direct link to the campaign.

2. Share the campaign link with your social media friends and contacts, and encourage people to make a $5 contribution.

3. Visit the Indiegogo Facebook page, and “Like” the post about The Notes Campaign and leave an encouraging comment.


Okay, off to watch Star Trek. 🙂


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