This world does not have to be a painful place (and other Monday thoughts)


We’ve turned this world into a painful place, but this world does not have to be a painful place. This world can be a world inhabited by Jesuses. But it’s up to each one of us to turn ourselves into Jesus. That’s the work. It’s seeing things as they really are. It’s seeing no separation between God and humankind. It’s seeing the kingdom of God here now. It’s seeing every person as your sister or brother.


It is very difficult to convince people that they are good and beautiful human beings when religion has sufficiently convinced them that they are despicable to God. As one person put it to me, “I am a piece of shit to God, which is why I need Jesus.” A lot of what I’ve done over the years has been helping people shed false beliefs that have separated them for their true Self, God, others, and life. It’s difficult. Once you get those toxic beliefs inside you, they are not easy to get out.

There will always be both the potential for awakening at any moment and the potential for incredible damage at any moment. We fool ourselves into thinking we are past this. We must pay attention to our hearts and lives.


At times it can feel as through truth is something that is very abstract. It feels this way because truth is beyond the mental processes of the mind. But no not forget that truth has a very practical dimension. Truth and compassion always go hand in hand. We realize everything and everyone is connected.


The realization struck me. I have always been in the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God was always the case. Reality itself is the kingdom of God. What I had taken to be real was actually the unreality, which I created out of my spiritual ignorance.


We don’t need “change” as in shuffling around the same furniture in a different configuration in the same space. We need transformation, as in setting the furniture on fire and leaving the house altogether.

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  1. imadotmhg says:

    Love this, Jim.
    I have always been His. ❤

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