Jesus said the truth sets you free (what truth is that?)


There is suffering in this world.

When we are born, we cry. When we are sick, we are miserable. When we are old, we have ache and pains, and find it difficult to get around. None of us wants to die. We feel deep sorrow when someone dies. We suffer being with those we dislike, and being apart from those we love. We suffer by not getting what we want, and there are all kinds of problems and disappointments that are unavoidable. We feel anxiety and stress, trying to hold onto things that are constantly changing.

There is of course happiness in life. There is happiness in friendship, happiness in family, happiness in a healthy body and mind, but when one loses them, there is suffering once again. We continually search for something outside ourselves to make us happy. But no matter how successful we are, we never remain satisfied.

Jesus said that knowing the truth sets us free. What truth? It is the truth of who you are, and the truth of how all things are. Your true well-being is never threatened. This world is characterized by impermanence and change, but your fundamental well-being is not dependent upon circumstances or conditions.

The way the world appears as separated, fractured, and divided is not the way things really are. Who you are, and the way all things really are is not something that can be expressed in mere words or understood through the cognitive reasoning of your mind.

I can tell you that all is well. I can tell you that in every moment that your true Self is at peace and undisturbed. I can tell you that there is a beautiful harmony that underlies all things. But you must experience this or have this awareness yourself. When we touch this reality, we think of God, and then we suppose somehow that we are separated from God.

Jesus said, “I am the truth.” What truth? The truth that we are not separated but united with God, and God’s kingdom of love, peace, well-being, and freedom.


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