Giving the gift of Notes (Best Cyber Monday Deal Going!)


Today is Cyber Monday – the online shopping version of Black Friday. There are all kinds of great discounts and deals you can get, shopping online today. I know of a pretty good Cyber Monday deal myself!

For $10, you can be an instrument of peace, healing, freedom, and transformation in our world this holiday season. I wrote Notes from (Over) the Edge because I realized that deep inside, people already knew the answers, they just needed a pair of wiper blades, clearing the gunk off their windshield so they can see those answers clearly.
As one reader put it, “Jim leads us out of your own self imposed prison cells into the joy, freedom, and peace that religious rhetoric promised but fails to deliver.”

Notes from (over) the Edge is divided into five main parts. Part One is a conversation with the reader about how to approach the pursuit of truth. Part Two is a direct, practical, and no-nonsense guide to addressing the root cause of personal suffering, and uncovering true peace and freedom. In Part Three, I confront the teachings of pop Christianity, and how they have hidden or corrupted the true message and meaning of Jesus. Part Four delves into the process of recovering from religious pathology. And in Part Five, I discusses how truth applies in the special cases of domestic violence, and depression.

So, I have a request. Today, Cyber Monday, share Notes from (Over) the Edge by:

1. Purchasing a copy for yourself.
2. Purchasing a couple additional copies to gift to family and friends.
3. Spread the word about this effort among your Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ friends by sharing this post and writing your own.

Notes from (over) the Edge is available in:



Latest Comments

  1. gailnhb says:

    I bought it, I bought it – and I can’t wait to read it. Thank you for your hard work and for enduring all the tough stuff you have endured in order to bring this book into the world. Blessings be on you, brother. Profound peace too.

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