Excerpts from the newly released Notes from (Over) the Edge


People are not always going to understand the peace, joy and freedom you have found. Perhaps they will think you are crazy. Don’t let this discourage you. Walk on.

Jesus did not die to get us into heaven when we are dead; he lived to awaken us to God’s Kingdom, which is here now.” 

“Religion made half of us afraid to die, and the other half afraid to live.”

“You can’t box up God in religion,
You can’t box up Jesus in Christianity,
You can’t box up church in a building,
You can’t box up truth in a belief system,
You can’t box up love in conditions.”

“Too often religion focuses us on what is wrong or bad with the world, and we grow blind to all the goodness that is around us, and is us.”

“The only thing that can stop you on the path of Truth is you.” 

“When you are truly ready to know things as they truly are, it may be that…
a slight breeze,
scent of a flower,
sound of a faint train whistle,
or eye contact with another human being…
will push you over the edge into the peace and freedom you’ve been searching for.”

– Jim Palmer, Notes from (Over) the Edge: Unmasking the Truth to End Your Suffering

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