Truth is not a belief or doctrine


“Jesus basically said, “He who sees me sees the teaching, and he who sees the teaching sees me.” Jesus was the message… the teaching… the truth. It wasn’t something he taught, it was something he was. The truth is not a belief or doctrine. It is something on the level of being – it is the way things really are, it is who you really are. What is this message, teaching, and truth that was Jesus? How could we miss it? It is that there is no separation. God and humankind are not in conflict with each other. God and humankind are one, inseparably connected in the bond of love.”

– Jim Palmer, Notes from (Over) the Edge: Unmasking the Truth to End Your Suffering

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  1. Rupesh says:

    Excellent post Jim, It’s so true! And life itself is a constant struggle between the love that binds God and the humankind, and the doubt that divides the two.

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