Your life is your spiritual path


Sometimes it seems there are so many things in this world and about our lives that we have little or no control over. Remedy this burden by being present to the moment, and respond as the situation requires, however slight that response might be. Don’t judge these moments or responses as not being significant or spiritual enough. This is a trap. God and life are inseparable in every moment. You don’t have to gin-up your life with something you deem “spiritual.” Do you suppose Jesus was always looking for some great spiritual thing to do? No, instead he greeted each moment in a spirit of love and compassion, and simply responded as situations required. 95% of these responses of Jesus would have been considered quite mundane.

Latest Comments

  1. Gordy says:

    Jesus taught us to make our life a prayer. I agree with your Idea that we don’t have to always be looking for something “spiritual” we just need to open our minds.

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