20 Ways to Deepen Your Spirituality


20 Ways to Deepen Your Spirituality:

1. Make peace with your religious past.
2. Take responsibility for your spiritual journey.
3. Dissolve the line between “sacred” and “secular”.
4. Listen to and trust your inner voice.
5. Look past the labels and differences, and relate to the deepest reality in other human beings.
6. Stop making your humanity wrong.
7. Don’t strive to achieve or build a persona around being an enlightened person or spiritually superior.
8. Become a geologian – exploring the rhythm and flow of life in relationship to the phenomena of the physical world.
9. Expand what it means to be “present” – explore your spiritual aura and energy.
10. Address the root of your suffering.
11. Awaken and live from your inner passion.
12. Explore the connection between spirituality and sexuality.
13. Expand your relational world beyond religious sub-culture.
14. Don’t create a new religion out of your latest discovery.
15. Assume every human being knows something you need to know.
16. Don’t latch onto the latest guru – learn from everybody but consider yourself to be your own guru.
17. Read something other than spiritual/religious books.
18. Explore a new outlet for creative expression.
19. Do something that brings you delight.
20. Explore the pleasure of human touch with your partner.

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