Things not to worry about


4 things you may not need to be worrying about as your spiritual growth and evolution continues:

1. Figuring “it” out

Reframe what it’s about going forward. There is no “it” to figure out. There is only love, peace, beauty, goodness, life, wholeness, and freedom that is present inside you and IS you. Get acquainted with this… experience this… see, hear, taste, touch, feel this in everything and everyone… give expression to this. Relax, quit striving, be alive… be present… notice.

2. Defining your beliefs

Don’t be a slave to reductionism. It’s mainly a Western cultural phenomenon to insist on packaging up the infinite and unknowable into a system of intellectual ideas, propositions, concepts and beliefs. It’s a bonus if you can reduce it into a short creed or fit on the back of a church pamphlet. Look, if your previous way of approaching the divine had worked, you would not be where you are now. There’s likely a lot for you to unlearn, and the need to define your beliefs may be one of them.

3. Fitting into a label

People feel naked without a label. It’s just easier to have one. We often depend on our labels for a sense of identity and belonging. We all like the idea of belonging to a community or tribe and these are often attached to a label. Consider cultivating a sense of satisfaction and belonging by identifying with all of life and humankind as a whole. There may be no need to classify yourself with any more specificity than that. When someone asks me if I am a “Christian,” I will sometimes say something like, “Actually what I am is a human. And I identify with the humanity I see in Jesus, and the way he threw his lot in with all of humankind. I want to be more human the way Jesus was, and I want to inspire that kind of humanity all around me. I want to see God in myself and in every human being the way Jesus did, and I want to live in the reality that every person is my brother or my sister. I can’t imagine anything more divine than that.” My point is, it’s not necessary to identify or define yourself by a label.

4. Being wrong

God is not something to be “right” or “wrong” about. God is not a math test. Your true Self is as God created – secure, complete, whole, at peace, free, and fully aware of the truth. All that’s left is you giving birth to that Self in the context of human life, human living, and human being. You will never get there in fear, you can only get there in love. There is no fear in love. If you have fear, it’s an illusion you’ve created and has nothing to do with God and your journey here on earth. It’s one of the few rules of knowing God – Fear and God never go together. You will not lay hold of all God wants for you and IS you by carrying the fear of “being wrong” or “messing up.” When a child is learning to walk and they fall, are they “wrong” or “messing up”? You are 100% secure in God, and nothing ever has, ever is, or ever will threaten that.

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  1. leah77 says:

    Jim, this is one of my favorites so far. Thank you.

  2. goruben says:

    Michelle….I love this. In many ways it’s indicative of our conversation on Friday afternoon.

    Ruben ______________________ “Your time is precious, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” Steve Jobs

    Sent from Ruben Goff’s iPad4 via AT&T Wireless( iPad4 authored: pardon any grammatical errors and typos).


  3. An Urban Mystic says:

    Nice…thanks for the share!

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