We are one human family


These evening I am reminded of my brothers and sisters that I know from my travels and endeavors around the world in Kenya, Thailand, India, and Middle East. In many cases, the circumstances involved confronting horrific human rights tragedies such as forced child prostitution, and child slave labor. This afternoon I had a Skype call with a friend in Germany who heads an NGO that provides emergency and disaster relief alongside long-term integrated development programs in some of the world’s most desperate communities. He was so far away, and yet I felt very close to him, and I feel that same solidarity with all those around the world that I have met along the way. I see their faces in my mind’s eye. This is such a big world, and my human family is stretched out near and far, and I am mindful of these tonight. I carry them in my heart. نحن أسرة بشرية واحدة.

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