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  1. leah77 says:

    I left Christianity years ago and still hold Jesus’ hand. It’s relationship not religion that binds us together.

  2. Donovan Shaw says:

    This resonates very strongly with me. When I became a believer in my teens, I had to see through all of the traditional ideas of religion before I could see Jesus. Then unwittingly and despite my best efforts, without realising it, I became over the years mentally entangled in religion and traditions of men. I initially thought that I was on track like the early believers, after all, didn’t Martin Luther and the protestant reformation help bring Christianity back to the way Jesus taught? How very wrong I was. My Christian religious journey wasn’t all bad, but I’m so thankful to be on this new inclusive journey with God and my fellow brothers and sisters, and I don’t just mean Christian believers, but all mankind. I’ve been attending church since I was a little boy, so although my spirit is now bursting at the seams with excitement, my mind is still kicking and screaming for me to be a good compliant Christian man. But I’m learning to rest in the knowledge of the real truth that is beautiful in it’s simplicity and enables true peace and fellowship with and to all. This religion free Jesus dude is very very cool 🙂

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