When turning the other cheek is a bad idea

One of the ways religion was a disservice to me is how it spiritualized life in a manner that prevented me from responding to situations as they required. “Honor your father and mother” doesn’t mean accepting their manipulation and abuse. “Turning the other cheek” doesn’t mean that you allow someone to violate your boundaries. No one ever told me that at times the “godly” thing to do includes standing for yourself, saying “no,” terminating relationships, and refusing to enable the dysfunctional behavior of others no matter how they might try to justify it with God.

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  1. Kevin says:

    I have been outcast from many of my family members for years because I chose to not turn the other cheek and just accept and excuse the abuse and manipulation that my mother has done to the entire family for many years. I watched her hurt so many people all around us my entire childhood and I made the decision that I would not allow her to do the same thing to my wife and kids. She has disowned me and talks bad to others about me and has tried to turn other family members against me (sometimes successfully). She has chosen to completely remove herself from my life and has missed out completely on my 2 daughters life and is now missing out on my 3 awesome grandsons (her great-grandsons) lives. I don’t regret my decision to not turn the other cheek when it comes to her abuse but I have heard about it from my family because she accuses me of not honoring my mother the way the Bible tells me to. She breaks way more commands than that and I will never allow her to disrupt and destroy my family the way she has done hers.

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