Here’s to the walking wounded


Here’s to all the walking wounded…

to those still carrying a little heartbroken boy or girl inside;
to those who feel rejected and lonely;
to those who woke up with a dull ache inside;
to those who are wondering where God is in the midst of their deep pain;
to those whose past wounds have been pulled opened yet again;
to those weary and worn out, and long for some place called home;
to those in the darkness who can’t seem to find the light;
to those who wonder if they will ever find love;
to those who feel misunderstood;
to the abandoned and discarded;
to those who feel they are running out of reasons to get out of bed each morning;
to those in the clutches of depression;
to those who are smiling on the outside but dying on the inside;
to those suffering in silence,
to those for whom the Christmas holiday makes everything worse…

You are not alone. You are not forgotten. We are all in this together. Somebody cares. One of them is me.

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