When not to pray

I often hear people who speak of praying for God to “reveal” something to them, as in giving them am answer or an understanding they imagine they don’t have. But in many instances if they would simply listen and trust to their own intuition, use common sense, or apply a bit more reflection about their lives, they would be well on their way. In most instances, this is how God is going to reveal something.

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  1. Chris says:

    When you suggest “listen”, “intuition”, and “reflection” instead of prayer; those are an essential part of prayer as I understand it. So when looking for answers, you just need this other focus on prayer or meditation.

    Don’t get me wrong, I totally get your point that a first world, westernized, consumeristic prayer is not a good way to get answers or understanding; but then, what is it good for.

    If someone told me they were going to “pray for revelation, or answers”, I might just assume that if they are a mature spiritual person then they will be doing lots of ‘contemplation’ as part of that prayer.

    This is my first reply, and I don’t want to seem hyper-critical. I appreciate your thoughtful challenging posts.

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