Off the grid of religion


When I went off the grid of organized Christianity, I went through this blackout and detox period. I didn’t go to church, didn’t converse about God or Christianity, didn’t pray, didn’t read my Bible, didn’t listen to “Christian music”… nothing! An interesting place to be for a former seminary grad and successful Senior Pastor. During this season I became deeply connected with myself, others, the divine, and life itself in ways I have never experienced before when religion was running the show. This laid a new foundation for forging ahead in my relationship with God and Jesus.

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  1. Pam Swendig says:

    Three years ago I left ministry and my church family after serving 32 years as Director of Music. Three months later my daughter told me she was gay. The next two and a half years were a painful spiritual and emotional divorce of who I ‘thought’ God was and what the church taught. I couldn’t listen to contemporary music, felt no desire to read scripture but somehow –deep within — God kept reassuring me that He was still present and I was in His will. In the past 6 months God graciously revealed ‘why’ separation and pain was necessary. He’s up to something big, something new in reforming the church!! He’s calling out, equipping and sending His people into communities be the light and sweet fragrance of Jesus for the wounded and disenfranchised. Love people. Extend mercy. Lavish grace. Build relationships. I’m more in love with this great God than ever before! Reading your blog, Jim, is God’s gift of encouragement to me and others on the same journey. God bless you!

  2. Sarita Baker-Brown says:

    This has also been my experience everytime i am tempted to go to church? I remember how dead i felt there and how much closer to god i feel now…and other people, who i am able to see without religious filters and labels

  3. Kelly says:

    Went through the same thing and did so without a shred of guilt. At one point, could not even listen to Christian music as much of it was binding to me. I’ve been set free to fly where ever. This is good news.

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