The engine of transformation: conversation and mindfulness


Keep two things in mind when reading, Notes from (Over) the Edge:

1. Read it with a friend, and have conversation about it. Don’t let it become just more information in your head. Get it out in conversation. Who knows what direction that conversation will lead… just go with it. I’m considering leading a few online book clubs for this purpose, with a dedicated FB page for ongoing discussion. I’ll keep you posted on that.

2. Make it a practice to be mindful during your day of whatever speaks to you in the reading. It doesn’t need to be complicated or profound, just take what resonated with your spirit, and practice mindfulness with it throughout your day. Allow it to gently condition your thoughts and actions throughout your day.

Latest Comments

  1. austrianoakjr says:

    Definitely keep us posted on the book club or online discussion forum. Most of my friends and family find my quest outside traditional Christianity nuts, so finding open minds willing to discuss a personal quest for truth is challenging.

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