Living the truth when life sucks

I often receive questions from folks about their spiritual journey. Below is one of those and my response. I’ll post these from time to time in hopes that it will be useful.

Question: “You talked about how my true self is undisturbed and at rest even in the most difficult parts of human existence. What does that look like on a given day to tap into that reality? For example when my spouse is cranky and tired, the kids are yelling, and I am way behind on my work and don’t feel like I have a second to breathe.”

My response:

You true Self is an expression or manifestation of the divine. The first thing we are told about ourselves is that we are born out of the image, likeness, and being of God. God’s being is the ground of your being. This means that your true Self is undisturbed, peace, freedom, abundance, and well in every moment. Enter our human mind and body, and the human experience. How do we put all this together in the midst of the roller-coaster ride of daily circumstances? This is not a theological/spiritual question, as much as it is a practical one – a matter of execution. You can have a great game-plan with all the necessary pieces, but you still have to execute the plays on the field in the context of a real game with all the resistance and adversity involved.

There are a few things you might consider in this regard. First, be mindful of your true Self. Recondition your thoughts about yourself by remembering who you really are. Start an inner dialogue with yourself about this Self. Secondly, be aware of when you have stepped away from your true Self. When anxiety, stress, fear, shame, self-sabotaging thoughts, bitterness, malice, pride, greed… are surfacing in your life, take note of it. Stop and consciously acknowledge to yourself that you are not operating in the reality of who you are. Third, stay present in the moment by responding to the immediate situation as it requires. Avoid becoming absorbed in the drama that your mind wants to create about any given scenario, and simply focus on whatever action is truly necessary that the situation requires. One of the reasons why are lives can become overly complicated is because we are not in fact responding to situations as they require and therefore they keep repeating themselves.

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  1. Marci says:

    How do I engage with this True Self?

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