You have to be human AND divine


“Jesus spoke of being “in this world but not of this world.” Those two prepositions are the key to enlightened, awakened, and transformed living. You are IN this world – yes, you have a body, mind, and personality, and you are consciously directing these as an individual human being. And yet, it is not wise to get too attached to this idea abut yourself. Because it is also true that you are not OF this world. Your true Self is beyond time and space. Your true self is part of a whole. Your true self is the underlying, unchanging, fundamental nature of all things. Your true self is not an independent and separate entity. When you and I are touching this “not of this world” dimension we discover we are one with God, others, and all things. This was the message of Jesus’ life. We are human and divine, and the two are not in opposition to each other. This is the spiritual wisdom that must direct our lives. This is the wisdom that sets us free. All suffering in our lives and in this world is a result of failing to see and embrace this.”

– Jim Palmer, Notes from (Over) the Edge

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  1. William Timmers says:

    Be divine? Does that mean to be holy and do not sin?

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