Is worship what Jesus wants?


“The time is coming soon when I will be gone.”

“You cannot go, Jesus. How shall we carry on without you?”

“You must find me in yourself.”

“How is that possible? Will you step inside of us, and live your life there?”

“The life you have seen in, as, and through me is also your life. We share in the one life together. If I stay much longer you will become convinced that this is about me, and miss the life I am referring to, which is also in, as, and through you.”

“But should we not elevate you to the highest place among men, worship you, and create a new religion in your name.”

“Let this one life be your “religion.” Listen to its promptings. Be and do as you are led.”

– Jesus speaks to his disciples, Religion-Free Bible

Latest Comments

  1. Marc Mullinax says:

    Worship begins as one leaves the church parking lot. You go to church just to learn how to be/worship in the world. Love God … as you love your neighbor. That’s worship.

  2. Michelle says:

    Interesting … I’m not exactly sure this is what Jesus meant. Isn’t it all about Him? I’m no theologian but isn’t our lives about glorifying Jesus?

  3. Michelle says:

    As in “you will think this is all about me”. (I guess I thought it was about Him!)

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