A rationale for changing everything


What’s in it for us to build a world that works for everyone? Is it really worth our time and effort? Here are some considerations:

1. When we take up a way of being in the world such as love, compassion, and human solidarity, and we express these in tangible ways, we are consciously expanding our true Self or inner being in and through being human, which is why we are here. Conversely, acts of hatred, greed, division, and selfishness are denying our true inner being and we grow sick.

2. By replacing hatred, division, greed, and injustice with values that are more befitting our true Self and inner being, we are stretching toward experiencing all the possibilities of what this world and life could be for all of us together. It is likely that we are only scratching the surface on what our human reality could be because all the other stuff is getting in the way.

3. Being committed to building a world that works for everyone honors the deepest truth about ourselves and all things, which is the interconnected and interrelated nature of reality. When we act independently with indifference toward other humans or living things we are perpetuating the disease that is making us all sick.

(Photo by Darla Winn)

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  1. austrianoakjr says:

    Jim, now that I’ve chimed in on your blogs and threads several times, I hope you know I Love you and consider you a wonderful source of enlightenment on my own journey. In that Love, consider that you might (as I consider you might not) be leading with the cart before the horse (on this one). Our true Self should dictate how we act outwardly rather than our preconceived ideas on who/what our true Self is. As we seek, we look through the clouded lens of conditioning and preconceptions. “Selfishness”, “hatred”, “greed”, etc are mere words and their definitions are clouded by our perceptions of what they mean. Most people know we “should” act in love and consequently find themselves acting out of the “should” and their preconceptions of what that “should” look like. I propose that we seek out and purge the beliefs that cause our own fear and suffering and follow our deepest most satisfying feelings Love….and let the actions that come out of the Self we uncover stand on their own.

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