Giving up Christianity to know Christ?

“The fact that Jesus was turned into a religion was a grave error, and is often a barrier to the truth. It is odd but true that it is sometimes necessary to shed Christianity in order to fully know Christ.”
– Jim Palmer

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  1. Marc Mullinax says:

    Jim, I find this sentiment most everywhere I go. I teach at a religiously-affiliated university, and many students love the sentiment of a wildly popular video at

    So I understand, but I must disagree, on an academic level (I am one). All people who claim they are faithful must have the history, the background, the back-and-forth of theological discussions, books written for, and the sheer institution-ness of a “religion” BEFORE they can make the “jump to light speed” and claim faith in Christ (or whomever) trumps religion.

    If there were no Christianity, for good or for bad, in all its inglorious and glorius incarnations, we would not know Christ (as well) as we can and do … precisely because there is an “institutional” and historical faith, one that informs the “knowing of Christ.”

    I am not a shill for the institutional church or religion! Please, no! But for better or worse, “knowing Christ” is always against the backdrop of an historical religion. And that’s the way it’ll remain, until Kingdom Come. -Marc Mullinax

  2. Aly says:

    I really like this bc its true! Yet if one hadn’t gone thru this and still is deep in Christianity they won’t grasp this at all. A blog post bullet pointing what is “Christianity” and what is “knowing Christ” one may know what we are talking about and why they are different.

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