Announcing a 21 Day Cohort Group


I’m passing along the information about a 21 Day Cohort Group I am facilitating. The details are below.

Notes from (Over) the Edge: 21 Day Cohort Group


To experience personal transformation through vigorous conversation, spiritual direction, and daily practice. The group experience builds off the content and themes from Notes from (Over) the Edge. Each group member should have read, is reading, or will be reading the book during the 21 day journey.


1. Jim will have a 60-minute spiritual direction call (phone or Skype) with each member before the 21 Day journey begins. The purpose of the call is to help each member personalize the 21 Day experience to where they are in their own spiritual journey and desires for growth and transformation.
2. There will also be an initial group cohort call for group members to get to know each other, and share their personal focus for the 21 day experience.
3. Jim will continue to have a weekly one-on-one spiritual direction call (phone or Skype) with each group member.
4. There will be a dedicated and private FB group page established for group postings and conversation.
5. Each member will be paired up with a cohort partner for additional conversation, sharing, support, and encouragement during the 21 days.
6. During the 21 days, each group member will receive a daily “Tap on the Shoulder” audio recording by Jim – a daily meditation/reflection, offering a spiritual context for that day of the journey.


The 21 Day Cohort includes: 4 60-minute spiritual direction calls with Jim; 1 group call; 21 audio meditation recordings by Jim; a dedicated and private Facebook group page; cohort partners. The total cost for the 21 Day Cohort Group is $250. The group is limited to six people. After the group of six people is established, the initial spiritual direction call with Jim and the group call will be scheduled, and the 21 days will begin after the completion of those calls. If you are interested in participating in the group, you can FB message me or email me at:

Latest Comments

  1. John Rice says:

    Jim, just got my FB up and running,

  2. Jeannie Fortuna says:

    is it full now?

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