Breaking rules is good


7 Religious Rules to Consider Breaking:

Rule #1: Don’t cultivate friendships with people of different religions or spirituality.

Rule #2: Mistrust what you most deeply feel.

Rule #3: Limit your experience of God to the people, places and programs associated with institutional church.

Rule #4: Never question the underlying premises you’ve been taught about God.

Rule #5: Believe you need to be rescued from yourself and cured from your own badness.

Rule #6: Resign yourself to the idea that the big payoff happens after you die.

Rule #7: Make it about having correct theology rather than being love in the world.

Latest Comments

  1. Paul Hargreaves says:

    No wonder the “Religious” are the ones Jesus yelled at. I choose to be a follower of Jesus and not ever be religious. Jesus doesn’t have these rules…nor does the Bible really if you study it.

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