It’s a simple and real as tomorrow’s sunrise


“Have you ever noticed that when you become fully present and alive to a sunrise – when everything else fades away and you just get lost in the rapture and enchantment of it – it becomes a doorway into something transcendent? Suddenly you are touching an unnamable peace and beauty. An indescribable feeling of freedom fills you, and a deep-seated contentedness washes through you like rain. Feelings of connectedness warmly radiate through every molecule of your being.

Your experience of that sunset points to the way things really are – peace, beauty, freedom, contentment, and connectedness. You have had these deep feelings before in the simplest moments. The deep feelings you felt in those moments were pointing you toward what is most real about this world and your life.

The sunrise happens every morning, with or without you, as well as that transcendent and unnameable reality it points to. There is nothing preventing you from enjoying it. You see it or you don’t, either way it is there. You can’t stop it, you can’t achieve it. It just is.”

Jim Palmer, Notes from (Over) the Edge

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