What’s the mental energy driving your life?


What will be the mentality or mental energy behind your thoughts, words, and actions today? Whether it’s bitterness, resentment, self-absorption, indifference, or materialism on the one hand, or love, kindness, compassion, peace or generosity on the other, our mental energy can be wholesome or unwholesome.

Our unwholesome mental energy is born out of our craving for pleasures, wealth, power, position, fame, or anything else it can settle upon. Unwholesome mental energy is also a derivative of ill-will and comprises hatred, anger, resentment, repulsion of every shade, whether directed towards other people, towards oneself, towards objects, or towards situations. Unwholesome mental energy can also manifest itself as heaviness, indifference, and apathy, or agitation, restlessness, anxiety, and worry.

Unwholesome mental energy is often a byproduct of our misplaced dependencies for worth, value, identity, security, well-being, peace, and happiness. Rather than seeing that realities as present in every moment and characteristic of our true nature and all things, we go into the world craving them. This craving breeds attachments that become the tentacles that entangle us.

Be mindful… tenaciously mindful… of your true self and the true nature of all things. Spend some moments and recall the true source of all the things you desire. Remember that these are not things to seek, achieve, earn or attain, but things that you are in every moment. See the unwholesome thoughts arise – do not deny or judge them, acknowledge them, and then send them on their way. Do only that which is consistent with the truth, and the way things really are, which is different from how they often appear. Do only that which leads to the liberation of all beings.

Today you will no doubt spot unwholesome energy lurking in the background of your thoughts, words, and actions. When you become aware of this, consciously let it go and return to what you know to be true. You may need to do this hundreds of times. If so, count them as hundreds of victories.

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