A call for exploration into ultimate reality


Your true Self has no beginning or end. That Self took on a mind and body for a human existence. The body and mind are characterized by impermanence, and will one day stop functioning. Your true Self, however, has permanence. That Self is the underlying, unchanging, and fundamental nature of all things. The nature of your true Self is greater than your individual human personhood. That Self nature connects you will all things. The disciples were upset when Jesus spoke of death because they were attached to his human body, mind, and personality. They could not grasp his his teaching about the Spirit within them, guiding them into all truth. We are so attached to the things of the body and mind. We are enamored by the transitory and impermanent things of this world. This result of all these attachments is our suffering. Jesus said, “I am IN this world but not OF this world.” Understanding and living the distinction of those two prepositions is key. Today, vow to press deeper into the true reality and nature of yourSelf and all things. Explore this. Loosen your attachments upon this world, and discover that which has no beginning or end, and is the source of true peace, freedom, and well-being.

I expound on many of these themes in Notes from (Over) the Edge.

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