You can’t fit in a can


Your true Self is not like liquid that was poured into your mind and body. Once while visiting Florida I bought a friend a small souvenir, which was a “can of Florida sunshine.” And yet we all know how silly this really is – as if you could somehow contain sunshine in a small tin can. It’s the same with you. Your true Self cannot be contained within the form of your body or limited to the mental processes of your mind. Your Self is not contained in your body and mind, your body and mind are contained within your Self. You HAVE a body but you are not a body. You HAVE a mind but you are not a mind. Your true Self is without form. Your true Self is not bound by either time or space. Your true Self extends outward, and is the fundamental nature and essence of all things, and is what connects you with all things. Your true Self is an extension of the being of God, which means you are one with God in your true Self. That Self is free, whole, at peace and undisturbed. Your true Self chose to be human and to be here. You true Self took on the dimensions of human personhood for the purpose of the human journey. It’s important to remember that you are IN this world, but not OF this world. Consider dwelling on this for a while. Let it be a matter of quiet meditation, and mindfulness throughout your day.

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