I decided to be useful and run for office ( and other stuff)


Life is pretty full these days. My fourth book, Notes from (Over) the Edge, has been out for a few months, and in a couple weeks I’m leading a 21 Day Spiritual Direction Group for a group of folks who have read the book.

I’m eight weeks into the Winter quarter at school, teaching three classes. As an adjunct faculty member, three classes is my limit. The teaching itself is great but it’s difficult to keep up with the administrative components.

Speaking of education, I am running for the Metro Nashville School Board as an Independent. I’ve never run for elected office before, and there’s a bit of a learning curve. I figured I’d make myself useful by serving our city in an area that I am passionate about.

In March I will be in Texas at a Libertarian Party event. Some of you know that I authored a declaration to change our national discourse, sentiments, and actions about the power of religious, spiritual, and philosophical diversity for good. I will be representing the “We Believe in Good” cause at the gathering in Texas.

Heather launched a crochet Etsy business that is keeping her busy. She and I have been doing a juice fast. We detoxed our bodies, shed some pounds, and are adding more solid foods to our diet. I’m continuing to build my endurance back since sustaining a string of injuries. It’s one day at a time in the gym, and running the greenway. Prior to those injuries I was ultramarathons and did triathlons.

The girls have lots going on. Jessica is getting her driver’s permit in April! Whitney is stationed in Seattle with the U.S. Navy. Meanwhile, Cera is fighting growing pains, and entering puberty.

Whether you’ve been my friend a week or ten years, I appreciate your encouragement and the way each of you contribute to my life and journey. I received an email yesterday from someone who said that I should consider writing a book. It was a good reminder that new folks come along and can’t figure out who I am. Hmm… I’m not sure I can even figure that out!

Here are a couple links that might be useful:

My Facebook Page

My Goodreads Author Page

My Amazon Page

My Blog




We Believe in Good page

My “Jim Palmer for Metro Nashville School Board” page is a work in progress. I just created it yesterday. You can check it out here.

Latest Comments

  1. JustJohn says:

    interested in the tx event.

  2. Susan P says:

    So glad to read some news from the family front. It’s awesome.

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